Chocolate Subscription Boxes in Canada

Coffret is Canada's premiere craft chocolate subscription service, but we aren’t the only one. There are a few out there, and this post is going to highlight each one that I know of. It might seem strange for me to talk about other Canadian chocolate subscriptions on our blog, but I have a couple of of reasons for doing so. First, I really, really love great chocolate, and I'm thrilled to have more Canadians falling in love with it. Second, I think what each of the Canadian subscriptions do is slightly different, and I'd way rather you got the box that's going to thrill you every month. We put a ton of work into making a great product at Coffret, but it's not for everyone. If our box is not for you, then I'm thrilled you have some other options. Here's my list of Canadian craft chocolate subscriptions, with an attempt to characterize how each of them is special. Please let me know if you know of any other ones that should be included.

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Coffret Chocolate - Of course I started with my own company. It is my blog, after all. $40 of chocolate a month, from a single manufacturer. That might be bars, bonbons, hot chocolate - whatever treats the company makes are fair game - chosen by the chocolate expert themselves. The number of pieces in the box varies, and each month the chocolate maker chooses a charity to receive $1 from the sale of every box.

Rebel Chocolate 4 bars of award winning chocolate every month, with the possibility of choosing a subscription of dark chocolate, mixed milk and dark chocolate, chocolate with inclusions, or vegan chocolate. Depending on the length of your subscription, $39-$41 a month.

Foodie Pages Bean to Bar Box Three bars of chocolate a month, each from a different manufacturer. Curated by Lisbeth Flanagan of The Ultimate Chocolate Blog. $35 a month, $30 with a subscription. First box shipped in December 2018.

Chaleur B Coco Brulerie du Quai in Carleton, Quebec, offers a subscription of their own products. $40 per box, with the option to choose how often you receive it. And an option for a $75 combined subscription of coffee and chocolate (they roast both).

JACEK Chocolate Subscription Only available for purchase in early December. 5 deliveries a year, each inuding one of JACEK’s seasonal bonbon collections, and a selection of other products. $250 a year and not available in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, the Yukon or the Northwest Territories.

McGuire Chocolate Subscription For $20 a month, you can have 3 of McGuire’s 50g bars delivered to your door - including some which have fabulous pencil renderings of Hank the cat on the packaging.

Chocosol Traders For $45 a month, Chocosol Traders will send you 5 bars of seasonally themed chocolate (based on seasonally available ingredients in Ontario, and seasonal chocolate harvests). Shipping was extra - when I looked, it added another $20 a box to Alberta.

État de Choc , a luxury chocolate shop in Montreal, has three levels of a chocolate subscription - two three month ones (a “regular” one, and one with more chocolate), and a four-times-a-year shipment (Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, and a date of your choosing). Prices range from $50-$75 per box, and don’t appear to be available for shipment outside of Quebec.

Kekao Box - based in the US (and charging in US dollars), but shipping to Canada, Kekao box offers a selection of 3-5 dark chocolate bars from around the world every month. $29.99/month+ $5/month for shipping. All prices in USD.

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