So Coffret Chocolate has a blog now...

Welcome to the Coffret Chocolate blog – it’s a place where we’ll write about chocolate, excuses to eat chocolate, and how we get boxes of delicious chocolate to your door.

Ideally, I like to buy things from people who had something to do with creating them – so I can hear the stories about how this thing came to be, and what the goal of creating it was. You learn a lot about what people care about, and how this product fits into the rest of their lives. There’s a lot of different types of content in the works for this blog – guides to planning chocolate tastings, gift ideas for new parents, profiles of the chocolate makers who supply our chocolate and the charities they support, etc. But for today, here’s the story of where Coffret chocolate comes from.

I’ve always loved chocolate – in seventh grade, I did an oral presentation in my French class about the history of chocolate production (including samples, of course). I can’t count the number of fruits, cookies, and homemade caramels I’ve dipped in the stuff. When I travel, I am obsessed with visiting local chocolate shops, and there’s almost always chocolate in my bags on the way home. So, in some ways, that I would find a way to make chocolate a part of my work life is a long time coming.

The seeds of turning a love of chocolate into Coffret were realizing that I actually knew more about chocolate than a lot of other people. The alumni group of my university debate society has been described as “an eating group with an arguing problem,” so almost all of our events are tastings of one sort or another (wine, cheese, artisanal popsicles and ice cream, etc.). A few years ago, we decided to do a chocolate tasting. I asked if we had a theme – bean-to-bar chocolate, a cocoa-growing region, bars or bonbons, Canadian International Academy of Chocolate Award winners – and was quickly asked to choose and buy the chocolate for the event, because no one else had thought that far yet. Planning for that event gave me an excuse to ask chocolate makers around the country what they’d choose, and why, if we were going to serve only two of their bean-to-bar chocolates at a tasting. The conversations were fascinating – everyone I talked to thought about chocolate in thoughtful, but distinct, ways, and each selection wound up being someone’s favorite at the event.

An especially busy period at work in the fall of 2017 took me from knowing that Canadian chocolate makers are interesting people who make great products to the idea of a subscription service. I had a lot on my plate and was spending nearly every minute at my computer. I wanted good chocolate, and I didn’t want to have to think about it too much. I searched for a chocolate subscription service and found a couple options. I could get a subscription of candy-bar chocolate, but that wasn’t the quality I was after. I could get a subscription of good chocolate, but it would come from the US, so I’d have to go to FedEx or UPS every month to pay duty and pick things up, defeating the point of “not having to think about it.” It dawned on me that I could probably create the subscription I wanted to buy – I knew some chocolate makers and decided I could figure out the rest. I found graphic designers and web commerce experts in my social circle, and somehow found the hours to do the research about assembling a subscription service in the early part of 2018.

Coffret Chocolate would be impossible without the overlap of all those things – it isn’t giving me chocolate I don’t have to think about, since I’m pretty sure I think about chocolate more now than I ever have, but it’s been a great time so far.  I hope you enjoy what we’ve created.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about how and why we created this company, let me know in the comments.