What is Coffret Chocolate?

Coffret Chocolate delivers to you a box of world-class Canadian-made chocolate every month, to Canadian consumers. Our chocolate makers are producing some of the best chocolate available anywhere in the world. Every month, we send out a selection of chocolate from a single chocolate shop, chosen by the experts who make it. 

How do we curate our boxes?

The short answer is that we don’t. Each month, a chocolate maker puts together a selection of products for our boxes and explains why they’ve chosen those chocolates. Our boxes will let you eat world class chocolate every month, and get to know the fabulous people producing it through the ways they’re thinking about the chocolate they’ve included. $1 from the purchase of every box is donated to a charity of the chocolate maker's choosing – information about the charity, and why they chose it, will also be on the curation cards.   

How many bars of chocolate do we send?

We showcase chocolate makers who do very different things – some focus on bars of bean-to-bar chocolate, and some focus on subtly layered truffle flavours. Even chocolate bars vary – some companies make 80g bars, and some companies make 36g bars. Instead of a number of bars or pieces, we aim for each box to contain about the same value of chocolate, whether that means chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, chocolate barks, hot chocolate, chocolate covered fruits and nuts, or a glorious mix of all of the above. 

What we won’t send

Maybe you’re a minimalist. Maybe you’re not, but have chosen the objects in your home to reflect your aesthetic. Maybe you just hate dusting. Either way, we’ve got you. Our boxes contain chocolate, curation cards, and (recyclable) packaging materials. No mugs, no fridge magnets, no candle holders – nothing that could become clutter in your home.

What about allergies?

Most of the chocolate makers we work with use nuts and other allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, etc.) in their shops. As such, we cannot guarantee that any particular product has not come into contact with a particular allergen. Our curation cards will indicate when an allergen is present as an ingredient in a chocolate selection, but otherwise we cannot guarantee that any particular product is free of allergens.


"The greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and Shakespeare... neither knew chocolate." — Sandra Boynton


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